Welcome to the download page for cSBEM

The UK government is preparing a new version of the Simplified Building Energy Model (SBEM) for assessing the energy performance of non-domestic buildings. On 19th January 2021, the government published a consultation which includes proposed changes to the Building Regulations energy efficiency standards for new buildings other than dwellings in England. To coincide with this, they instructed BRE to develop and release version 6.0.b of the SBEM software, which implements the changes that are being proposed to ADL vol.2 and the NCM. The consultation documents can be accessed from MHCLG's website here.

This website hosts a download page for the consultation version of iSBEM, "cSBEM_v6.0.b", and the latest NCM supporting documents. The purpose of cSBEM is to support the consultation process by helping stakeholders see how the updated methodology and the proposed regulatory changes will be expected to affect building models. Note that this is a demonstration-only version of the tool, and the produced results should not be used for any official submissions to Building Control. iSBEM_v5.6.b (and other equivalent NCM-approved DSMs and third-party interfaces) remains the current version to use in all regulatory energy calculations in England. Furthermore, there may be further changes to the methodology when it is finalised, following the results of the consultation.

While reasonable care has been taken to prevent the occurrence of errors and omissions, the user of this software is reminded that they are wholly responsible for any risks linked to the download, as per the terms and conditions.

To be able to download the consultation version of the software, users need to register their email address first, for the sole purpose of allowing MHCLG/BRE to inform users of any relevant updates to this version of the software during the consultation period. Users can then download and install cSBEM as per the provided installation instructions.

Following the installation, it is recommended that users who have not used the iSBEM software before refer to the User Guide of the current version of iSBEM (v5.6.b), which is available from the Download page of this site, before getting started.

Any queries regarding the consultation version cSBEM can be sent to a dedicated Helpdesk by selecting the "Consultation version of iSBEM" option from the drop-down menu in the Feedback page of this site.