Construction Feedback

Non-domestic buildings in the UK are complex and have used a wide variety of constructions over time. The current NCM Construction Database implemented into the constructions library within iSBEM has been developed using information from CISBE tables and manufacturers’ data which covers the common construction methods and materials found in buildings.

For existing buildings, especially older buildings, it is difficult to establish the actual construction of an element and calculate its U-value. In order to cater for this, within the iSBEM software there is an inference procedure which allows energy assessors to select a type of construction which has default values assigned in the database.

Further to this, users are able to create and upload their own 'often-used' construction and add this to their downloaded version of the library, using the 'User_library_dev' which can be found inside the downloaded package of the iSBEM software. Please refer to the iSBEM User Guide for further information on how to use this feature.

In order for us to further develop the publicly-available NCM Construction Database, we would welcome feedback from users on common construction systems which are missing in the library and which they would like to see added. Users can also upload their 'User_library_dev' using the form below. Where the user has calculated their own U-values, we require evidence of the calculation before adding this to the library.

This service is only for adding a common construction to the NCM Database and not for calculating U-values for a particular project.

If users have a query regarding a particular construction in the current construction library, then please use the form below and we will investigate this further. If you are an energy assessor, please relay the information to your Accreditation Scheme Provider instead.

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To help us determine the correct U value for the construction, please provide as much detail as possible in the box below, including images of the construction. The details should include:

  • a comprehensive description of the construction
  • description of the materials within each layer
  • thickness of each layer.
  • Measured overall thickness of the construction (where known).
  • Whether there are there any airspaces or any ventilation.
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