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published: 13/12/2023

13th December 2023: Release of cSBEM_v7.0.c to accompany England's 2025 Part L consultation

Release of cSBEM_v7.0.c

cSBEM_v7.0.c includes the following key modifications:

  • Implementation of 2025 NCM (including updated fuel factors for primary energy and CO2 emissions), Notional building options, and compliance targets proposed for revised Building Regulations in England
  • Addition of live links in interface for easy access to User Guide
  • New field for defining maximum nominal output power of electric air-source heat pump if this, rather than efficiency, is known
  • New facility to enable defining bi-valent/multi-valent lighting in zone
  • New option for a zone’s lighting to be defined as identical to that of another zone
  • Updated education activities in NCM Activity Database using revised data from Department for Education
  • New tick box to allow definition of round windows