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published: 15/7/2022

15th July 2022: Release of iSBEM_v6.1.c for England's 2021 NCM and 2021 Part L

Release of iSBEM_v6.1.c

iSBEM_v6.1.c includes the following minor modifications (please refer to the iSBEM User Guide for details):

  • Modify the engine to set negative 2021 TERs to 0 for England EPC calculations (as is done during compliance assessments) and, in this case, also calculate the Typical building’s rating according to the updated definition in the 2021 NCM Modelling Guide
  • Correct a problem in text colour when reporting the values of zone-level mechanical ventilation heat recovery efficiency on the BRUKL O/P report
  • Updates to the iSBEM interface to display the full range of library options from the NCM Glazing Database