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published: 29/4/2022

29th April 2022: Release of iSBEM_v6.1.b for England's 2021 NCM and 2021 Part L

Release of iSBEM_v6.1.b

iSBEM_v6.1.b includes the following key modifications (please refer to the iSBEM User Guide for details):

  • Accommodate minor changes to the compliance requirements for building services in England, as published by DLUHC in the 25th February revisions to the 2021 ADL2 document, which is due to come into force on 15th June 2022
  • Updates to the iSBEM interface to allow operation on 64-bit MS Access (in addition to 32-bit Access as currently)
  • Correct a problem in reporting the adjustment factors for modular and portable buildings on the BRUKL O/P report
  • Correct a problem that prevented an EPC being generated when the model included "Chilled ceilings/passive chilled beams and mixing ventilation" as an HVAC system
  • Minor updates to the inference tables in the Construction and Glazing Databases, which are used for iSBEM's "Help with inference procedures" function
  • Updates to the iSBEM interface to open PDF files in MS Edge, rather than Internet Explorer