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published: 15/12/2021

15th December 2021: Release of iSBEM_v6.1.a for England's 2021 NCM and 2021 Part L

Release of iSBEM_v6.1.a

iSBEM_v6.1.a includes the following key modifications (please refer to the iSBEM User Guide for details):

  • Implementation of 2021 NCM (including updated fuel factors for primary energy and CO2 emissions, updated approach to primary energy corresponding to renewables-generated electricity, and updated options of HVAC systems), 2021 Notional building, and compliance targets for 2021 Part L in England, which are due to come into force on 15th June 2022
  • New parameter for differentiating between roof windows and rooflights in roof elements
  • New parameter for denoting input U-values of rooflights that have been assessed for horizontal orientation
  • New parameter for entering foundation area of the building for England’s purposes of analysis
  • New parameter for denoting new district heating networks for England’s purposes of analysis
  • New parameter for defining different flow rates for showers, regardless of presence of WWHRS
  • Updated NCM Construction Database
  • Updated parameters for education activities in NCM Activity Database using revised data from Department for Education
  • Addition of new activities to NCM Activity Database to allow modelling of changing rooms with showers with "medium" and "low" HW usage, as well as, the existing "high" HW usage activities
  • Illuminance levels for activities in NCM Activity Database updated to minimum and maximum values
  • Calculation in SBEM terminated if conditioned zones have been assigned activities which are unconditioned in NCM Activity Database as no heating or cooling setpoint temperatures are available for the software to calculate energy demands