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published: 31/7/2018

31st July 2018: Release of patch02 for iSBEM_v4.1.g

We understand that the internet’s Certification Authorities (CA) have recently updated the root certificates which are used for authenticating and ensuring the safe transfer of data between the assessors’ computers and Landmark’s servers when checking the assessor’s accreditation credentials and software version being used in order to permit the generation of the EPC XML file.

This update means that the bundle of CA certificates provided with iSBEM_v4.1.g, which is still in use for Northern Ireland’s compliance checking and EPCs, needs to be also updated in order to continue allowing assessors to produce EPCs in Northern Ireland.

While users of iSBEM can freely download the certificates from the internet themselves, we have packaged them in the form of a patch which can be installed to replace the previous CA bundle inside the iSBEM folder on the user’s computer.