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published: 18/11/2016

Release of Patches for iSBEM_v4.1.e and iSBEM_v5.2.d

Please be advised that as Landmark’s digital certificates which are embedded within both iSBEM v4.1.e and iSBEM v5.2.d are due to expire on 30th November, it will not be possible to generate EPC XML files for England, Wales, or Northern Ireland after that date using either of these 2 versions. Therefore, 2 software patches: 1 each for iSBEM v4.1.e and iSBEM v5.2.d have been produced and should be downloaded and installed in the same location as the existing versions of iSBEM on your computer. These patches will replace Landmark’s digital certificates within these 2 versions with newer certificates provided by Landmark, and so they should allow users of iSBEM v4.1.e iSBEM v5.2.d to continue producing EPC XML files for lodgement after 30th November 2016 and until 20th February 2017.