Feedback and enquiries

We welcome feedback from users of the SBEM tool as part of our on-going development programme for further developing and debugging both SBEM and iSBEM.

The majority of the enquiries about the use of the tool, the application of regulations and the results of the calculations can be answered through other routes such as the User Guide, contact with accreditation schemes and/or Government bodies.

Feedback and enquiries

Where possible, we would appreciate feedback separately for the overall methodology (the NCM) and the tool (SBEM and iSBEM).

Before submitting an enquiry on using the tool, please remember that you can refer to the iSBEM User Guide and the Technical Manual, as well as the list of Frequently Asked Questions. You can also click "F1" while in any field within the iSBEM interface to get Help information on any specific item or parameter.

In England and Wales Energy Assessors should direct all SBEM queries to their Accreditation Scheme Providers.

If your query is related to feedback or just an enquiry regarding the iSBEM software, please complete the form below